Friday, November 12, 2010

freaky friday!

sorry these thoughts are all over the place.

i've been knitting a lot lately. i have decided since i am living on student loans, knitted gifts for x-mas is a good idea.  plus i found a project that i am so excited about and everyone who is anyone would love.  knitted beer koozie with strap.  take a look at the pictures below, jealous right!  ofcourse right now it takes me about 4 hours to make one. :0  also bought a guide to knitting so i can hone my awesome skills.  knitting, it's not just for you grandma!
this is a picture of my friend and the beginning of my knit koozie obsession.  see, don't they look happy!  don't you sometimes wish you didn't have to hold your beer. well, problem solved.

lately i had 4 beautiful house guests.  friends of mine that i met while studying abroad in italy came to visit me for my birthday and the fun was epic.   see picture! went to my and pickle's favorite sushi restaurant and a piano par, where i got stupid drunk got called on stage and made an amazingly good ass out of myself. :)
here we are at stone brewery in escondido, beer tour and best lunch ever.

now i am behind on school work, so i will probably disappear from this blog for another month.

went to whole foods for the first time today (hungry hungry hippie inspired me).  i bought so much food, from the deli got a jicama slaw and seasonal squash quinoa, both were delicious.  got butternut squash, hummus, tons of broccoli and cans of pumpkin (not sure what i am going to do with those yet). it was like disneyland for adults who love healthy food.

bought a thick yoga mat..... must start exercising!

So to add to my very long list of things i am trying to learn.  knitting, spanish, blogging, photography, cooking, guitar.....