Thursday, December 9, 2010

annoying radio personalities

how do these people get these cool jobs.  i long for the time when radio hosts knew about music and kept the chit chat to a minimum.  now, a 20 second clip of a great song is followed by the intro to an awful morning show, where the uneducated hosts talk about fuck-all, that noone care about.  (ie.  their kids, their wife, celebrities going to rehab, conservative nonsense bable.)

i decided to write this post after i have written my second enraged email in just a few months to radio stations in my city.  the latest one i included below; it was in response to a hispanic man calling in asking a question, (trying to win some prize) and the host just started making fun of his accent and how the man said "job."  the man never got a chance to win the prize and was instead humiliated on a radio show that he is a fan of.

you guys are mediocre at best.  why can't we just hear music in the morning instead of ignorant, uneducated, radio personalities making fun of hispanic callers and their accents.  I don't get why some people like you, I think you are a disgusting human-being.  try being more courteous to your fans; your show is terrible, and you should feel really fortunate that you have them.


graduate student in business
1/4 hispanic heritage
someone much smarter than you

we need a revolution to bring music back to radio.  dumb reality shit has already taken over MTV (supposed to be music television), and now we are losing our radio.

the silver lining is however that local podcasts have hit the internet and i can now listen to them in my home. what to do in the car in the mean time?  i guess i will just have to make sure my ipod is updated with new tunes and with me at all times.

here is one of my favorite san diego podcasts, let me know if you know any others!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

got brand loyalty?

as i conclude my marketing class tonight, i can't help but feel relieved that i made it through my first mba class.   now to reflect on one concept, brand loyalty, here are some items that have that something extra, that i will never give up. do you have some items that you are completely stuck on?