Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Sassy Curmudgeon: If Wishes Were Horses Testicular Atrophy (or, Like Father, Like Daughter)

The Sassy Curmudgeon: If Wishes Were Horses Testicular Atrophy (or, Like Father, Like Daughter)

awesome post by sassy curmudgeon. stolen, because i love when art is interactive, someday i hope to open a gallery or museum around this concept.

which reminds me of a art show during my undergrad, 100 years ago, at sdsu there was an artist who made sculpture out of large wooden beams, and they could be moved and changed by finding secret levers or compartments in the beam. it was so much fun to try, and also to observe people interacting and trying to figure out the puzzle. i will try to find out something about this artist and post it.

(tangent) i know i haven't been very clever on my blog lately and have been borrowing heavily from other clever people. but that is because i need to do homework for chapter 5, 6, 7 in statistics, write the critical analysis on my meg whitman paper, and meet with my group about my dupont financial statement analysis. it is much less time consuming to borrow than create, so get over it.

i am making responsible choices for me future. having an mba better be a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

anderson cooper, i love you.

what a dick, huh?

Friday, September 24, 2010

you will be so glad you read dog's caloric intake

i should absolutely be focused on my mountains of accounting (sorry financial reporting, s.e.c. rules and such) and statistics homework, but i would hate to neglect my blog and my many avid readers.  lol

anyway, i have been concerned with how much and what gus eats since, well ... since day one when we got him.  sometimes i think he is looking a little chubby.  so i wanted to figure out how many calories he eats a day vs. how many calories he should be eating.

resting energy requirements or rer

the rer is the basic amount of energy that a dog would use in a day while remaining at rest. the formula to calculate rer for animals between 2 and 45 kg (5 - 99 pounds) is:

rer in kcal/day = 30(body weight in kilograms) + 70

so gus weighs about 22lbs or
1 pound = 0.45359237 kilograms
 22(.45359237)= 9.98
rer=30(9.98) +70
rer= about 370 calories
(the hard part was finding out the calories in his food)  because we mix honest kitchen and canidae.
so i deduced that we should be feeding him about 420-480, depending on how active his day was. and that is about what he does eat, not counting the cat poop he eats when i am not looking. gross huh...what is with dogs and cat poop?

but now if he gets fatter, i am going to say to him 'gus, that cat poop is really going to your thighs.'

here is gus a few days after we got him.  he is about twice as big now, but just as cute.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lady gaga, you make me sick!

a friend of mine posted this link on his facebook and i left the following as a comment. i know i couldn't resist being judgemental. no one is perfect okay.  this is in regards to the dress that lady gaga wore to the mtv video music awards.

the real cost of this dress;

so it took 50 lbs of meat to make this dress. consider this it takes 16 lbs of grain to produce 1 lb of meat. so in essence this dress needed 50 times 16= 800 lbs of grain to make. (that could have feed people...). it is estimated that 800 million people go hungry each day.

further more, the water that was used to produced these grains and that the cow drank were wasted. clean water is such a precious resource and lady gaga just wasted thousands of gallons. not to mention the pollution from the cow (in terms of gas (methane) to the air quality and the cows excrement run off into our underground water aquifers. (cow excrement is the largest pollutant to our fresh water preserves)

finally all those grains that were fed to that cow that lady gaga wore, were probably soy or corn. two crops that are the most damaging to the topsoil in America (which we are losing at several inches a year). also the two crops which the most harmful pesticides are used on (further polluting our environment).

i get it, she is edgy! but how cool are you lady gaga when you show absolute carelessness for the planets limited resources. resources that we as people have to share.

i like fashion too, but i like clean air, clean water, and food to eat more.

you suck lady gaga!

sidenote:  economics is essentially just looking at our limited resources and allocating those resources in the most efficient ways.  i think producing meat so that lady gaga can make a meat dress (to further prove that she is outrageous) is not the best use of our finite resources.  were inefficiencies exist, changes should be made to correct them.  we need to correct this behavior in hollywood.  if there are people out there who think this is cool, they should be smacked in the side of the head with a cattle prod (or better yet a copy of one of the following books)

diet for a small planet by frances moore lappe
in defense of food by michael pollan
omnivore's dilemma by michael pollan
food politics by marion nestle
the china study by collin campbell, phd

Sunday, September 12, 2010

a window into my relationship

watching football game, and a commercial comes on for some cookie cutter cop show staring some obscure, cute blonde actress.  last line of preview, "...something something something, 'cause i'm a us marshall.'

kim:  (identifying with cute blonde actress) wouldn't it be cool to be a us marshall.  i mean, i think there are only a handful of them.

pickle:  (looks up from his laptop and fantasy football stats) hmmm, i dunno.  i just know that chuck norris was a texas ranger.  

kim: (pauses to consider what pickle has just said)  what? (thinking that isn't the same thing, it the same?  i mean i don't know anything about us marshalls or texas rangers.  maybe they work together sometimes to fight crime. maybe it's like how the marines are part of the navy.  states rangers are part of the us marshalls ...(that doesn't sound right).  maybe texas ranger is just a made up title, chuck norris gave to himself.   i have never met a marshall or a ranger, so maybe they are both made up.  .....stupid made up us marshalls.)

cute song, small world, randomness, art

found this song on a blog of someone who i went to high school with.  small world, smaller blogging community.  anyway it occurred to me today that if i just have a couple readers, whose blogs are well read, their followers may occasionally read my blog, and become readers, and grow exponentially.  anxiety and insecurity rising, my blog isn't ready for that sort of lime light. lol. but really i should actually start blogging daily and making things more interesting.

update:  i have another follower, bringing the grand total to 3!  yeah!  so this is a shout out to you rick, even if the act of clicking 'follow' on my blog was an accident, i have now mentioned you in a post and have therefore guilted you into being my most loyal reader.  haha women are so tricky, huh.

to anyone thinking to themselves what a loser, she only has three followers.  to be fair, my friends and family do not follow this blog, except you safuego (i love you).  but yeah you would be right, what a loser.  :)

on another side note, i should check with the artist to make sure it is alright first.  eh, i'll check later, here is some new art from a friend of mine. he is a san francisco artist and if interested i can put you in touch with him.  i am sure he will be excited for exposure on such a popular blog (wink wink).

"a gale in the night" by chris love

Friday, September 10, 2010

why are there no blog posts in august?

well aug. i was busy working my butt off at my seasonal position as a waitress by a pool at the legendary hotel del coronado.  probably one of the most challenging jobs, physically, that i have ever done.  so to the point, i got a weekend off for my friend safuego and her husband's joint bachelorette/ bachelor party in las vegas. it was epic!

okay so drinking in a party bus the way there and back was a great idea in theory, but not so good in practice.  a couple people got sick / peed in bottles + the bus had poor ventilation = misery.  despite it all though, it was a great, great time.

here are some highlights that i can remember;

-pickle dancing the night away at the club "the bank" (he is not a man that dances under usual circumstances)
-nobody got arrested or fought
-donnelly's boy short underwear that read, and i quote... "maneater"
-mojitos at belagio,  mmmm i love mojitos
-greenman high rolling (at least for a little while), while pickle, donnelly and i danced behind him
-drunk idiot at cesar's palace betting on every number at the roulette table, then announcing "i win every time!, i win every time!"  as he knocks chips everywhere.  what a mess.
-pickle more than once, referring to the aforementioned hotel as "little" cesar's palace
-morning after, disgustingly hungover, laying on the grass outside flamingo, a gross ass bird befriended us.  the thought of him will forever creep me out.

in answer to the question in the title, the reason there are no posts in august is that it took weeks to recover from this trip.  honestly, weeks.

farmer's market

today pickle and i went to our local farmer's market.  i learned that lime and sea salt almonds are delicious and that free cheese and green chile tamales taste better than ones you pay for.  my favorite part of the experience was the free samples.  that should be a practice that should move beyond costco and farmer's markets.  i love trying stuff first.  plus, i then feel obligated to consider buying it at that point.  it is a delicious good sales strategy.

we bought;
raw almonds
heirloom tomatoes
loaf of multi grain, extra seedy bread
tabbouleh, hummus, and pita

Thursday, September 9, 2010

i don't need to go to paul mitchell school for this

so today after my shower i decided i would cut my own hair.  now, in order to put this statement into some context, my sophomore year of undergrad i vowed to never cut my hair again, after i accidentally cut my eyelashes while doing my bang trim.  couldn't wear mascara for a year.  i think it is safe to say however, that is mistake you only make once.  anyway, i just recently cut gus' hair and it was a success so i decided my hair is next.

plus, if you have been reading my blog, you know i am beyond broke and paying for someone to cut my hair is out of the question.  how about i pay for food for me and my dog first. my overpriced masters program second, and well that leaves me in the negative.

in addition to all this, the last couple times i have had my hair done, i have been less than impressed. lets be real, if my hair is going to be uneven or have trailer park looking highlights, it better be me that is making those mistakes.  i didn't go to school for this, or log thousands of hours doing hair, i don't claim to be an expert, and most importantly i don't charge for my services.  

anyway, i finished, blew it out and it looks pretty good.  i mean, not that it has to look great, i have wavy hair and all.  i was going to take a picture, but then i couldn't bring myself to take one of those pictures in the bathroom with your phone.  see below---->  they make me cringe

okay maybe demi moore looks good doing it, but that is it, everyone else looks dumb.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

broke but inspired

these are just some images that are aesthetically pleasing to me.... they all come from a blog fav of mine  enjoy!

first week of my mba

-$20,000 in student loans, -3,000 to bail friend out of jail, -2,600 to buy another car, -800 to fix old car (yes i now have two cars).

it has been a very busy month and i have not had a chance to write about all my goings on.  but, despite being as broke as can be i am extremely happy in my current life situation.  no longer am i stuck in the purgatory of out of college but without real job.  i am now back to being a student, enrolled in a mba program that is ranked in the top 50 in the nation.

i am one week in and have already decided that i need to save managerial economics til next semester.

my current schedule as it will remain;

ba 650 financial reporting and analysis
ba 651 organizational behavior
ba 652 statistical analysis
ba 655 marketing

my impression of my classes is that they will be very very challenging, ...of my professors, that they love what they do and really do want us to succeed,...of my classmates, that they are the most intelligent group of people that i have ever met.

i have quit my job and my guitar lessons :(, but i can't justify guitar lessons when i am living off loans.  my only focus for the next two years is to do well in this program, network my butt off, get great internships, and get a job that will make me rich.