Friday, September 10, 2010

why are there no blog posts in august?

well aug. i was busy working my butt off at my seasonal position as a waitress by a pool at the legendary hotel del coronado.  probably one of the most challenging jobs, physically, that i have ever done.  so to the point, i got a weekend off for my friend safuego and her husband's joint bachelorette/ bachelor party in las vegas. it was epic!

okay so drinking in a party bus the way there and back was a great idea in theory, but not so good in practice.  a couple people got sick / peed in bottles + the bus had poor ventilation = misery.  despite it all though, it was a great, great time.

here are some highlights that i can remember;

-pickle dancing the night away at the club "the bank" (he is not a man that dances under usual circumstances)
-nobody got arrested or fought
-donnelly's boy short underwear that read, and i quote... "maneater"
-mojitos at belagio,  mmmm i love mojitos
-greenman high rolling (at least for a little while), while pickle, donnelly and i danced behind him
-drunk idiot at cesar's palace betting on every number at the roulette table, then announcing "i win every time!, i win every time!"  as he knocks chips everywhere.  what a mess.
-pickle more than once, referring to the aforementioned hotel as "little" cesar's palace
-morning after, disgustingly hungover, laying on the grass outside flamingo, a gross ass bird befriended us.  the thought of him will forever creep me out.

in answer to the question in the title, the reason there are no posts in august is that it took weeks to recover from this trip.  honestly, weeks.

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