Friday, April 29, 2011

traffic from interesting sources

so as anyone who blogs would know, you can see where traffic to you your blog comes from.  the stats page tells you various cool information like keyword searches that brought your blog up in google, among other things.  interestingly i saw more than usual traffic coming from certain keyword searches, that were, surprising, and well ummmmm....disturbing. 

now think of what someone might search, that would accidentally bring up a blog called amateur's corner.  if you were thinking along the lines of pornography, you would be correct.  i can't believe, that it took me two years to realize that my title had a dirty innuendo.  i am usually so good with clever innuendo, i guess this one just slipped by. 

anyway, for the internet community that stumble upon my amateurs corner by uhmm...accident, i apologize for the mix up.  let me just say,  it is pretty unlikely that any risque photos will be posted here.

how hilarious that i received way more traffic to my blog than i would've under a less ambiguous title.  as a marketing professional in training, i wonder how useful a tactic that is for seo.  give links or web pages potentially dirty names, in order to get more keyword hits.  one unconfirmed stat that i always hear is that the web is 70% porn, so someone could strategically use that to their advantage......right?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goodwill Pub Crawl

pub crawls are pretty frequent happenings in  pacific beach area of san diego, so the need to distinguish themselves through t-shirts, mustaches, and common themes is needed.  pickle and i have been on a hand full of them, and they are always fun.  for some reason, walking with a group of friends, or soon to be friends, down by the beach, drunk, leaving one bar before it gets old or stale, only to stumble to the next new place, it's just so exciting.

last weekend, we were lucky enough to join a group for a dual birthday fiesta.  we didn't know more than a few people, but we liked the theme and like meeting new people so, we went.  the theme was "dress to embarrass."  the idea was that everyone met a bar, wearing clothes they planned to donate to goodwill, they names are pulled, and the name that you pull, is the person you will be dressing at goodwill.  at goodwill, it is a free for all-  the craziest items that anyone can find, are put on and then starts the pub crawl.

i must stop to mention, how this idea also supports goodwill, we may have left the store looking a little bit like a tornado hit it, but i bet the group spent about 300 + dollars there.   plus we donated our clothes. ....well, most of us did.   i decided to wear leggings that were jeans, or jeggings as they are commonly referred to.  when it came to drop them in the donate bin, something in me didn't want to part with the jeggings.  they made it back to the trunk of my car, and they will be worn again, probably as another joke.

anyway, here is a photo of me and pickle in the glorious outfits that were chosen for us. pickles was a women's- set and very tight on him, he looked like he was going to bust out of it, like the incredible hulk.