Thursday, May 20, 2010

pieces i wish i owned

source: Elle Italy shoot with Behati Prinsloo

 source: various fashion blogs that i covet, prob the beauty file

source: sf style, the writers look for inspiring looks around sf, then photograph them.  it rocks.

source: sf style


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


okay, so i will try my hardest to eliminate any graphic imagery from this story.  which, i mind you, is difficult since the whole event was pretty disgusting.

so sunday, after helping safuego pick out flowers for her upcoming wedding, safuego and la actress, came back to my apt to see if we could actually put the centerpieces together ourselves. I made lunch, fresh green salad, romaine and spinach, corn, tomatoes...and a frozen baked pizza.

we watched some tv and then the girls went home.  pickle ate our leftovers, and then it started.

4:45 migraine

5:15 stomach pains

5:45 nausea and vomiting starts and continues every 25-30 min for the next 7 hours

9:00 get to ER,
so embarrassing, after checking in, i look for some where to sit and nobody will let me sit near them- probably because i looked like death and was carrying a large green bucket to throw up in, but still.... people suck.   so i finally find a place to sit, and precede to my bucket to... you know.

9:15 i go back to get a pee test and blood drawn, while a poor nurse named allison took my blood, i continued to..... you know.  while my wonderful boyfriend held my bucket.  after this, they told me i had to go back to the very crowded waiting area, but since i felt a rumble in the deepest part of my stomach, i knew that i did not want to be that far from a bathroom, so i refused.  i asked pickle to get me a diaper, (which they should really make in smaller sizes, the diaper came half way up my stomach, out my skinny jeans)   i looked so pathetic. (i also want to add,  that i didn't need my diaper, {it was precautionary})

9:30-11:30  i laid a towel down on the floor next to a chair for pickle to sit in, (near a bathroom, in the triage area), and curled up in the fetal position on it.

11:30 an angel of a male nurse brought me a stretcher to lie on and a couple warm blankets since i was shivering.  (yep i was shivering wearing two sweaters of mine and using pickles huge one as a blanket, i know i am overly dramatic but i felt like i was going to die.)  of course moving into the stretcher made me have to know some more.

1:30 am  a wonderfully cute/young/ the girl version of doogey howser m.d., came to check me out, she gave me two bags of saline, poked and prodded all my organs to make sure i didn't have appendicitis, pancreatitis, or any ---itis.

1:45 am as soon as the saline drip had time to work, i started to come back to life.  but weird, as the saline goes in, you become ice cold from the inside out.  i'm sure anyone who has had an iv knows the feeling, it sucks.

3:00 am pickle gets me home and to bed.

5:00 am i wake up, because you know why.

......and finally the demon is out of me.

it is now wed. and i am just now eating normal meals and feeling normal.  wow, worst sickness i have ever had: fastest progressing, most dehydrating, grossest, most cholera-like poisoning ever.... and......i did it to myself.

so glad my friends and pickle didn't get sick.  man, do i love my boyfriend and my dog who took such good care of me, they are the best.

and the culprit,  i blame the spinach. Because fairly recently (6-8 mo's ago)  in so cal there was a salmonella/spinach scare. never again will i eat uncooked spinach, but in the fight of salmonella vs kim montoya, i think i should call it a tie.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

cell phone cameras, who do they think they are?

wow, i'm impressed.  uno took these pictures with her phone. here is a panoramic of the lake i live near, and at the right edge gus walking with me.  and here i am right after giving gus a treat for coming when i called him.  he has finally learned rollover and what a proud parent i am.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

man morsel monday (a day late)

whose looking forward to the world cup now, huh?  this girl, that's who.  i am so glad that vf put landon donovan on the spread. (he should've gotten the cover- or at least his own centerfold, but someday I will be rich, i will buy vf and make them carry out my biding.)

Monday, May 10, 2010

a little monday positivity

to those of you who have work today, breath deeply once, and think of something you can do today that isn't your job.  i'll tell you, on the worst of days, it always made me feel better, to take a longer lunch, clip my fingernails, get a pedicure, haircut, pick up dry cleaning, exc.... all on the company dime.   you should officially make today time theft monday.  

as for me, i don't have work today.  i am in the purgatory between jobs, where it is amazing to have all the free time you could ever want, but no money to do anything.  so,  i think i will take gus to the beach today and take some pictures with my diana.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

polaroid beach, polaroid bar

love the 80's feel.

so the reason these pictures look different. my scanner likes to f%%% with me and keep me on my toes. It took me a few attempts and at least an hour of my life to be disappointed over and over again with its lack of consistency. anyway, this will remain the final product. and i will keep this in mind when i decide which camera to take out with me, the diana (an expensive, unpredictable, old bitch), the polaroid (artsy arse doesn't get along with scanner) or my new Lumix SLR (digital freedom- which i lost the cable to).

some explanation of pictures;

pickle and i at mission beach- yes i know that pink hat it awesome.

enchilada night- (haven't had successful enchiladas since)---pickle holding lil gus as he stares lovingly at the food. next to them is my sister, (we will call her uno, for reaons she understands, not that it matters, since i am pretty sure i am the only one reading this.) which makes me wonder why i correct my spelling mistakes. no more-- i want to embrace spelling errors.

d & b- (sister dos) and her man (sheriff woody) i guess nicknames are useless here, since their names are written on the polaroid. unless.... i put the wrong names on the photo to fool you. anyway, the purpose of this photo, comemorate the night they engaged with one another. (yea, i know, but i like how it sounds)

beach again- pickle's brother and wife with him, also- you can't see it, but there might be a tiny lil fetus in this picture. we found out recently that there is a bun in the oven.

because i am in between jobs for the next couple weeks i hope i have time to spill out more of my sardonic genius onto this page.