Monday, May 10, 2010

a little monday positivity

to those of you who have work today, breath deeply once, and think of something you can do today that isn't your job.  i'll tell you, on the worst of days, it always made me feel better, to take a longer lunch, clip my fingernails, get a pedicure, haircut, pick up dry cleaning, exc.... all on the company dime.   you should officially make today time theft monday.  

as for me, i don't have work today.  i am in the purgatory between jobs, where it is amazing to have all the free time you could ever want, but no money to do anything.  so,  i think i will take gus to the beach today and take some pictures with my diana.

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April said...

You and me both. I went to work an hour today. I'm finishing up my part-time job this week, at which point I will become full-time unemployed. Having the free time is great, but not having $ sucks. Hope you had a great day at the beach!