Tuesday, May 4, 2010

polaroid beach, polaroid bar

love the 80's feel.

so the reason these pictures look different. my scanner likes to f%%% with me and keep me on my toes. It took me a few attempts and at least an hour of my life to be disappointed over and over again with its lack of consistency. anyway, this will remain the final product. and i will keep this in mind when i decide which camera to take out with me, the diana (an expensive, unpredictable, old bitch), the polaroid (artsy arse doesn't get along with scanner) or my new Lumix SLR (digital freedom- which i lost the cable to).

some explanation of pictures;

pickle and i at mission beach- yes i know that pink hat it awesome.

enchilada night- (haven't had successful enchiladas since)---pickle holding lil gus as he stares lovingly at the food. next to them is my sister, (we will call her uno, for reaons she understands, not that it matters, since i am pretty sure i am the only one reading this.) which makes me wonder why i correct my spelling mistakes. no more-- i want to embrace spelling errors.

d & b- (sister dos) and her man (sheriff woody) i guess nicknames are useless here, since their names are written on the polaroid. unless.... i put the wrong names on the photo to fool you. anyway, the purpose of this photo, comemorate the night they engaged with one another. (yea, i know, but i like how it sounds)

beach again- pickle's brother and wife with him, also- you can't see it, but there might be a tiny lil fetus in this picture. we found out recently that there is a bun in the oven.

because i am in between jobs for the next couple weeks i hope i have time to spill out more of my sardonic genius onto this page.

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