about the amateur

because my blog is nearing a year old (you'd never know huh?), i have decided to finally do a page about myself.

according to parenthood.com, my blog, now one, can do the following activities;
  • my blog now drinks from a cup without assistance. (only if the cup is full of beer)
  • my blog can stand alone for several minutes. (sometimes i have been known to ignore it for weeks!)
  • my blog walks well.  (except after too many sippy cups full of beer)
  • my blog waves good-bye and plays pat-a-cake. (you haven't seen it, it's impressive)
  • my blog engages in gibberish conversation.  (haha yea that's pretty accurate)
  • my blog responds to simple commands. (albeit, slowly, but that could be my poor internet connection)
the website also advises that i start weaning off breastfeeding my blog at the one year mark.  so in order to help my blog gain some independence and get out there in the world, and become a blog that can stand on it's own feet, (and because i am tired of the sore nipples)... i am creating an about me section. (if you followed that craziness, mad props)


My name is Kimberly, I live in San Diego with my boyfriend and dog.  I grew up in San Diego with three older sisters, and (what would become my ) brother in law.  We played soccer like most so cal kids, but as i reached high school i branched out to club volleyball and high school track and field.  I attended SDSU for a BA in Art History, (if you are thinking, what is she going to do with that, pinch yourself for me), anyway i found out that i was a an extremely visual learner and art history was easier for my add brain to wrap around. (picture dark rooms with endless slides and information)  with this degree, i got to live in florence, italy  for 10 months where i traveled all over italy and several places in europe.  (oktoberfest in munich, germany is something every person needs to experience in their lives).

then, like many students who were lucky enough to graduate during the downturned economy, i entered what was now the most educated service industry ever!  i was a waitress and various other job titles, but i had solace in that people who had econ, pre law, accounting degrees were also struggling to find work that complimented their education.  we were all fighting for few jobs against an older more experienced work force.  okay, an art history degree didn't help!  my temporary solution, get an MBA!

now i am in my first year of my MBA at SDSU and really enjoying it and the people i have met.  the student loan bills are racking up, but i keep telling myself that i will be able to get an excellent job once i finish may 2012.  

i created this blog because i realized there are so many things i want to learn or become better at and the thought of keeping up with all of them and tracking any progress seemed daunting.  i created this blog to help me learn things; photography, cooking, knitting, guitar, exc.  it helps to have a release of + or - thoughts as i struggle through these self improvement projects.

so that is pretty much me!  i should also mention i am a bit of a hippy, i love the outdoors, i am passionate about rescue animals (dogs especially, see gus tag) my boyfriend and i volunteer for various rescue organizations often.  i love modern art and am a member of the SDCMA, (although i fail to make it to most their events).  i value nutrition and even though i don't have an certification or degrees in the subject i am sure that i have read enough books to qualify as at least a pseudo-authority.