Monday, March 8, 2010

little gus gus, light of my life

feb. 26th pickle and i adopted a puppy. 4 months old, he started life a bit rough with parvo, uri, sarcoptic mange, and giardia. thank goodness for stacy, bruce and dawn at the barking lot foundation who saved him from being put to sleep at the la county shelter. stacy, had him running in her pack, in no time. i am so happy that there are people like her and that she was willing to take a chance on me and pickle, (who have never taken care of dog ourselves). we love him to pieces. he was potty trained after 2 days in our apt. and to be fair the 2nd day was pouring rain outside. he already knows sit. he loves his toy frog and stealing his cousin jack's toys. his favorite snack is peanut butter and those chicken jerky strips make his belly hurt (no more of those).

pickle and i gave him his first bath since we've had him the other day and he took it very well, he liked the bath, but the blow dryer noise scared him a little. after the doggy street festival were pickle and i volunteered, gus demonstrated some barking and growling that he had learned from the big dogs. pickle and me were not impressed (even though it is kinda funny). but he is still learning. we discovered a baseball field near our apt and gus loves going there to chase the ball and frisbee.

i feel like a whole world has opened up to me, full of dog lovers, dog stories, dog stores, dog food, dog toys, dog everything. it is very fun. but most of all i love when he comes up and licks my face and lays down in my lap. my social life is pretty much down to zero, because i only want to be with him, and only want to go places he can go. sorry friends, mommyhood is rough.

master's degree in something useful that can get me a decent paying job, hopefully

cold rainy winter days like this make me want to move to mexico. but at least it gives me time to write about the beginning of my latest academic adventure. on feb. 16th i received an email from sdsu informing me of their decision to admit me into the mba program of the college of business administration. excited, yes....scared, yes! the letter informed me in kind language that because of my creative background i may want to brush up on some real material. i was assigned statistics, economics, and managerial and financial accounting texts to review before my program starts in the fall. i have yet to get them.

i feel that i really want to succeed this time, not just get the degree but make valuable connections, network, and graduate at the top of my class. of course, we all start out with the best of intentions. we will see where i am come december????

in other news. bought a polaroid camera, and $100 worth of film. first pack, fail. on second to come.