Monday, March 8, 2010

master's degree in something useful that can get me a decent paying job, hopefully

cold rainy winter days like this make me want to move to mexico. but at least it gives me time to write about the beginning of my latest academic adventure. on feb. 16th i received an email from sdsu informing me of their decision to admit me into the mba program of the college of business administration. excited, yes....scared, yes! the letter informed me in kind language that because of my creative background i may want to brush up on some real material. i was assigned statistics, economics, and managerial and financial accounting texts to review before my program starts in the fall. i have yet to get them.

i feel that i really want to succeed this time, not just get the degree but make valuable connections, network, and graduate at the top of my class. of course, we all start out with the best of intentions. we will see where i am come december????

in other news. bought a polaroid camera, and $100 worth of film. first pack, fail. on second to come.

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