Sunday, March 20, 2011

random pics and movie reviews

 since when is this jimi hendrix song called "Voodoo Chile".....i dunno, but i think i like it.

dyl pickle schooled me in "apple" scrabble today w/ "roved"  i challenged it too, what an idiot.  worst part is he gave me a decent definition that turned out to be right.  i will think twice before i question dyls knowledge of the english language.


movie reviews;

the social network,

well i certainly don't understand what all the hoopla was about.  i found the story interesting, but i felt like i could've edited 45 minuted out.  but those winkelman twins, that were rowing the whole time, ....babes.  45 minutes of lawyering up should get cut, and 45 more minutes of the crew team should be added.  just a suggestion.

the fighter;
excellent.  can't believe mark wahlberg was pretty much the sole person not nominated for an academy award in that cast.  well, what does the academy know?  so he plays pretty much the same character every movie he is in... so what!  you can't help it if you have been type-casted as a bad-ass, with an amazing six pack.  loved this movie, and amy adams, and christian bale too.

that is all for now, unless you want to watch this snl short "mark wahlberg talks to animals"