Friday, April 29, 2011

traffic from interesting sources

so as anyone who blogs would know, you can see where traffic to you your blog comes from.  the stats page tells you various cool information like keyword searches that brought your blog up in google, among other things.  interestingly i saw more than usual traffic coming from certain keyword searches, that were, surprising, and well ummmmm....disturbing. 

now think of what someone might search, that would accidentally bring up a blog called amateur's corner.  if you were thinking along the lines of pornography, you would be correct.  i can't believe, that it took me two years to realize that my title had a dirty innuendo.  i am usually so good with clever innuendo, i guess this one just slipped by. 

anyway, for the internet community that stumble upon my amateurs corner by uhmm...accident, i apologize for the mix up.  let me just say,  it is pretty unlikely that any risque photos will be posted here.

how hilarious that i received way more traffic to my blog than i would've under a less ambiguous title.  as a marketing professional in training, i wonder how useful a tactic that is for seo.  give links or web pages potentially dirty names, in order to get more keyword hits.  one unconfirmed stat that i always hear is that the web is 70% porn, so someone could strategically use that to their advantage......right?


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