Saturday, September 4, 2010

first week of my mba

-$20,000 in student loans, -3,000 to bail friend out of jail, -2,600 to buy another car, -800 to fix old car (yes i now have two cars).

it has been a very busy month and i have not had a chance to write about all my goings on.  but, despite being as broke as can be i am extremely happy in my current life situation.  no longer am i stuck in the purgatory of out of college but without real job.  i am now back to being a student, enrolled in a mba program that is ranked in the top 50 in the nation.

i am one week in and have already decided that i need to save managerial economics til next semester.

my current schedule as it will remain;

ba 650 financial reporting and analysis
ba 651 organizational behavior
ba 652 statistical analysis
ba 655 marketing

my impression of my classes is that they will be very very challenging, ...of my professors, that they love what they do and really do want us to succeed,...of my classmates, that they are the most intelligent group of people that i have ever met.

i have quit my job and my guitar lessons :(, but i can't justify guitar lessons when i am living off loans.  my only focus for the next two years is to do well in this program, network my butt off, get great internships, and get a job that will make me rich.

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One Blonde Girl said...

Wow. Um... good luck? Sounds like you're going to need lots of it.