Thursday, September 9, 2010

i don't need to go to paul mitchell school for this

so today after my shower i decided i would cut my own hair.  now, in order to put this statement into some context, my sophomore year of undergrad i vowed to never cut my hair again, after i accidentally cut my eyelashes while doing my bang trim.  couldn't wear mascara for a year.  i think it is safe to say however, that is mistake you only make once.  anyway, i just recently cut gus' hair and it was a success so i decided my hair is next.

plus, if you have been reading my blog, you know i am beyond broke and paying for someone to cut my hair is out of the question.  how about i pay for food for me and my dog first. my overpriced masters program second, and well that leaves me in the negative.

in addition to all this, the last couple times i have had my hair done, i have been less than impressed. lets be real, if my hair is going to be uneven or have trailer park looking highlights, it better be me that is making those mistakes.  i didn't go to school for this, or log thousands of hours doing hair, i don't claim to be an expert, and most importantly i don't charge for my services.  

anyway, i finished, blew it out and it looks pretty good.  i mean, not that it has to look great, i have wavy hair and all.  i was going to take a picture, but then i couldn't bring myself to take one of those pictures in the bathroom with your phone.  see below---->  they make me cringe

okay maybe demi moore looks good doing it, but that is it, everyone else looks dumb.

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