Sunday, September 12, 2010

cute song, small world, randomness, art

found this song on a blog of someone who i went to high school with.  small world, smaller blogging community.  anyway it occurred to me today that if i just have a couple readers, whose blogs are well read, their followers may occasionally read my blog, and become readers, and grow exponentially.  anxiety and insecurity rising, my blog isn't ready for that sort of lime light. lol. but really i should actually start blogging daily and making things more interesting.

update:  i have another follower, bringing the grand total to 3!  yeah!  so this is a shout out to you rick, even if the act of clicking 'follow' on my blog was an accident, i have now mentioned you in a post and have therefore guilted you into being my most loyal reader.  haha women are so tricky, huh.

to anyone thinking to themselves what a loser, she only has three followers.  to be fair, my friends and family do not follow this blog, except you safuego (i love you).  but yeah you would be right, what a loser.  :)

on another side note, i should check with the artist to make sure it is alright first.  eh, i'll check later, here is some new art from a friend of mine. he is a san francisco artist and if interested i can put you in touch with him.  i am sure he will be excited for exposure on such a popular blog (wink wink).

"a gale in the night" by chris love

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Sapphire said...

fuck yeah for few followers!