Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lady gaga, you make me sick!


a friend of mine posted this link on his facebook and i left the following as a comment. i know i couldn't resist being judgemental. no one is perfect okay.  this is in regards to the dress that lady gaga wore to the mtv video music awards.

the real cost of this dress;

so it took 50 lbs of meat to make this dress. consider this it takes 16 lbs of grain to produce 1 lb of meat. so in essence this dress needed 50 times 16= 800 lbs of grain to make. (that could have feed people...). it is estimated that 800 million people go hungry each day.

further more, the water that was used to produced these grains and that the cow drank were wasted. clean water is such a precious resource and lady gaga just wasted thousands of gallons. not to mention the pollution from the cow (in terms of gas (methane) to the air quality and the cows excrement run off into our underground water aquifers. (cow excrement is the largest pollutant to our fresh water preserves)

finally all those grains that were fed to that cow that lady gaga wore, were probably soy or corn. two crops that are the most damaging to the topsoil in America (which we are losing at several inches a year). also the two crops which the most harmful pesticides are used on (further polluting our environment).

i get it, she is edgy! but how cool are you lady gaga when you show absolute carelessness for the planets limited resources. resources that we as people have to share.

i like fashion too, but i like clean air, clean water, and food to eat more.

you suck lady gaga!

sidenote:  economics is essentially just looking at our limited resources and allocating those resources in the most efficient ways.  i think producing meat so that lady gaga can make a meat dress (to further prove that she is outrageous) is not the best use of our finite resources.  were inefficiencies exist, changes should be made to correct them.  we need to correct this behavior in hollywood.  if there are people out there who think this is cool, they should be smacked in the side of the head with a cattle prod (or better yet a copy of one of the following books)

diet for a small planet by frances moore lappe
in defense of food by michael pollan
omnivore's dilemma by michael pollan
food politics by marion nestle
the china study by collin campbell, phd

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Sapphire said...

I could not agree with you more. When I saw the picture I was like real meat? That could have fed a lot of people ... sad.