Sunday, September 12, 2010

a window into my relationship

watching football game, and a commercial comes on for some cookie cutter cop show staring some obscure, cute blonde actress.  last line of preview, "...something something something, 'cause i'm a us marshall.'

kim:  (identifying with cute blonde actress) wouldn't it be cool to be a us marshall.  i mean, i think there are only a handful of them.

pickle:  (looks up from his laptop and fantasy football stats) hmmm, i dunno.  i just know that chuck norris was a texas ranger.  

kim: (pauses to consider what pickle has just said)  what? (thinking that isn't the same thing, it the same?  i mean i don't know anything about us marshalls or texas rangers.  maybe they work together sometimes to fight crime. maybe it's like how the marines are part of the navy.  states rangers are part of the us marshalls ...(that doesn't sound right).  maybe texas ranger is just a made up title, chuck norris gave to himself.   i have never met a marshall or a ranger, so maybe they are both made up.  .....stupid made up us marshalls.)

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