Monday, June 28, 2010

member jacket this way please

so as anyone who has met me knows, i am a real sucker for a cause.  aspca commercials will make me cry and empty my wallet.  some causes obviously i feel closer to than others, and that's when i get really sucked in.  anything that has to do with animals, and i'm hooked.

walking through a shopping center the other day, a girl from greenpeace asked me if i would like to help save the whales.   i said i don't have time and walked on (don't judge, that is what most people do.)  but then after walking around a little more, i saw her get shut down by dozens of other people, so i went over and asked how it is that i can help.  (after all, who doesn't like whales)  i told her that i thought what she was doing, (though challenging) was really important.  long story short,  i am now a member of greenpeace.   whether it was because i felt badly for the whales or the girl, or both.

today, i realized if i am going to give money to an organization, i should really get something for it. (that is the selfish part of this story).....  since i want to work at a contemporary art museum, if i become a member, who gets invited to new showings and events, that would be educational for me and maybe help me rub elbows with the right people.  so short story, even shorter, i am also a member of MCASD.  can't wait until the next "thurday night thing."

oooo  i hope there are some sweet perks.

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