Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my current listenings, it's good, real good

Cold War Kids- Santa Ana Winds
Cold War Kids- Audience of One
Cold War Kids- Golden Gate Jumpers
Dr. Dog- Shadow People
Julian Casablancas- 11th Dimension
Julian Casablancas- Tourist
Free Energy- Bang Pop
Delta Spirit- Strange Vine
Delta Spirit- Ode to Sunshine
Surfer Blood- Take it Easy
Surfer Blood- Swim
TV On The Radio- Wolf Like Me
Violent Femmes- Kiss Off
Drake, ft. Peter Bjorn- Let's Call it Off

while listening to these tunes you should be relaxing, maybe stretching on a yoga mat, drinking either a light mexican beer (sol preferred, but corona will do) or iced green tea- because it is so damn hot, or reading blogs.

happy listening!

picture needs some explanation, huh? okay, i stole it from a family member, he had it on his facebook page, what a hussy huh? anyway, the background is, that it was taken in tahiti (i think), for a modeling agency (chip n' dales, i think) when he was working with them. (he isn't the man in the photo, for anyone wondering) i love it, for obvious reasons, and took it. i don't think he would disapprove though. so enjoy.

the forgotten....

Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros- Home
Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros- Janglin'
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Maps
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Gold Lion
Vampire Weekend- Cousins
Vampire Weekend- (everything else vampire weekend has ever made)

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