Friday, October 15, 2010

2 years of MBA, 2 years of IBS.... oh god, i hope not!

oooohhhh midterms are upon us. 

*financial reporting midterm was a group one and is now behind me, my group got a 42/50, which sounds respectable but in grad school it is all about the average, and this score was just under the average.  major bummer!
*statistics, wicked hard test on probability functions that i took wed., will see how i do on that one, but i thinking 80/100 or 85/100 (after the curve)  curious to see how close my prediction is. (also already given a pretty complex assignment on determining confidence intervals and writing them up into a report for a marketing team, due on wed. this coming week)  that is just cruel in my opinion. (way to kick your students while they are down professor r)
*organizational behavior, midterm is on monday, i need to make about 250 flash cards this weekend for this test.
*marketing midterm on tuesday night (definitely typed tuesnight first)  which i will begin studying for, after the monday midterm, so as to not confuse my brain.

saturday (after 12), i am officially taking a pause from add meds and studying and will go to the homecoming game (sdsu vs air force), with pickle and some mba friends/classmates/peers?  we will be tailgating and eating unhealthy food and drinking beer. 

ofcourse i am thinking that i might bring a sac lunch and be sipping peppermint tea.  reason being, i have self diagnosed myself with ibs and partaking in frat boy like drinking doesn't sound like a good idea.   (surprised?, i have talked about grosser things on my blog before) 
isn't it that true you take your amazingly intricate and delicate digestive system for granted, until the day it stops working.

i feel that there is a lot of misinformation online about what to eat to promote healthy digestion.  i always hear veggies, whole grains, foods rich in fiber.  (but this is if you have a relatively healthy digestion before hand)  the last thing you want to do in a serious bout of ibs is to start eating all the fiber you can find.  (in fact i continually make this mistake, which is my reason for blogging about it, force myself to remember for the future.)

anyway, i am torn from wanting to eat healthy, and wanting to end my ibs.  so i am going to try to not stress and i will go to henrys and get the following things.

peppermint tea
greek yogurt
sweet potatoes
apple sauce
white bread
white rice
acidopholus (supplements)

wish me luck on midterms, and with the digestive stuff.

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Melissa said...

I have been drinking mint green tea and it tastes amazing. No promises that it can cure IBS though, sorry