Tuesday, May 10, 2011

procrastination reaches seriously combustable levels

nearly done with my first year of my mba.  i am currently, one finance final, one econ final, one group ids paper, and one econ term paper away from the amazing half way mark in my masters.   i really need to be working on my econ term paper right now, which i am writing on pita chips, (i know how to pick some interesting topics, huh).  i just can't focus.  econ really is the most awful subjects i will ever have to study.  it is a shame too, because it is so applicable in everything you do, that it is just stupid.  it is always about this point in the semester, when crunch time turns into distraction time.  blogs, facebook, and a new smart phone do not help.

but worst of all, knitting.  it seems i only love knitting when it is keeping me from something really unpleasant like econ.  last semester during finals, i knit the beer koozie necklaces, this time i want to make monsters, a lot of monsters. 

here is my inspiration.
i am going to start with some monster chunks...

these look way more fun than econ, huh?

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