Friday, February 11, 2011

Randomness--Quick Update on This Year's Success and Failures

can you believe that it is february already?  my aztec basketball team is rated number 6 in the nation, amazing! i hope to get tix to a game coming up, but students are camping out at night in order to get their hands on the student section tix.  i just don't know if i have that kind of school spirit in me....  we will see.

i have been failing at getting motivated and we are four weeks into the semester, i really need to get my shit together before my midterms sneak up on me....  please adhd, give me a freakin' break.

surf class has been occupying my thursday afternoons and this week, (our first week in the ocean) i stood up twice, for a long duration of time.  the same day, my older sister was kind enough to text me that a "small" great white SHARK was spotted just 15 minutes from where i was surfing, 500 yards form the shore.....  awesome....  it will be difficult to surf next week without playing scenes of jaws in my head. dun nah............. dun nah...........dun nah...dun.nah..dunnah!

i would poop my wetsuit if i saw this!

funny, because i saw lots of dolphins yesterday while in the water, but next week i hope i can tell the difference between this.....;

and this;


i have also failed to finish all my beer koozies... i promised more than i could deliver.  i need to get on these, many are mostly completed just waiting to be stitched up.

tried this recipe, and i messed it up fo sho, because (pickle can vouch for this) mine tasted like garbage. 

well not anything school related, MBA FAIL, but i have finished three books in just a few weeks.  i feel good about it, since i really love reading but my add has often kept me from completing books, even if i was very interested in them. (okay i didn't finish the last 10 pages of MJF's book, and not the last 50 of redemption)  i am not a perfect person, alright!

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