Thursday, January 20, 2011

back to school, back to school

last night i started class again. i couldn't help but think about the contrast of this first day versus my first day last semester.  last semester (my very first semester of the mba program, i was so nervous i felt like i would throw up at any minute.)  i felt like i didn't belong, that people would make fun of my art degree (i was right, they did) and i would not be able to compete against these business undergrads and older professionals in class, ultimately (on my first day of class) i thought i would flunk out and it was just a matter of time.

last night however, i was happy, excited to see some friends i hadn't seen in a while, prepared (with all course materials, i brought two calculators, gross huh?) i had the confidence that comes with an amazing 3.5 gpa the semester before, and ringing in my ears was my little cheerleader inside (it's a metaphor, i was never or never will be a cheerleader), saying "kim you got this!"

here is the description of this class, so you can read how scary it sounds.

financial management-- the uglier sister to the financial reporting class i suffered through last year. a little bird told me the professor wasn't that great either!  this is what is said about the professor on ;

so as you can see i was a little hesitant.  but honestly, it isn't like he can flunk all of his graduate students, right? plus there were a couple little idiosyncrasies that i think i can focus on that will at least keep me entertained. he writes on the chalk boards.  (i know there are chalk boards, what are we in a 19 cent. school house with kids of all ages) sidebar:  i am very upset that this class is not in the fancy grad. rooms, shaped like a U (for the socratic method i suppose) with huge professional tables (looks like congress, but miniature) and we have pink comfy swivel chairs.  i love the chairs in that room. oh EBA 339 i miss you......okay back to my story, this classroom has chalk boards and those awful chairs that are connected to your desk set up in rows.  gross huh?  okay well, sterk tends to bang on the chalk board very loudly each time he writes.  cracks me the F up.  i love it. secondly i also love when he is a little rude and ends conversations abruptly and awkwardly with students.  so awesome to watch.

so here is the rest of my line up.....looks fun huh?  not.

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Melissa said...

Why are your classes all so late? Looks like they expect you to be working full time too!

You should use some of that morning time to take pictures...hobbies are good. ;)

Way to find the silver lining with that prof. ha ha